2016 Map Stops


The Farm/Art DTour has 42 official numbered stops on the map. They are grouped into categories.

Art Works: Installations by invited professional artists
Farm Forms: Creative contributions by farmers, landowners and community groups
Field Notes: Rural educational sites
Food Chain: A Marketplace of Food, Art and Ideas
Vendors: Places to shop or dine
Attractions: Places to play and explore

Be sure to buy a map – only $5 at many Reedsburg and other Sauk County locations


Vendor & Attraction Hours (except where noted): 
Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 2 pm; Friday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm



Fermentation Fest Headquarters: 240 Railroad Street
Stop here to purchase the DTour map, pick up a Visitors Guide and get tips on places of interest. Don’t miss the mosaic archway made using fermentation-related items such as bottle caps, beans, wine corks, and corn. Led by Baraboo artist Beth Persche, creative hands from across Sauk County came together to create this piece.

2   FIELD NOTES: Wetland

Landowner: Sauk County Habitat Restoration Area


Landowner: Clack Farms LLC


A variety of short performances will take place here on weekends October 1 & 2 and 8 & 9.
Landowner: Clack Farms LLC

5   (OFFSHOOT) ATTRACTION: Zion Lutheran Stone Church

E6787 Stone Church Dr, Rock Springs

6   ART WORK: The Last Supper

Created by: Matthew Mazzotta, Canton, NY
Landowner: Paul Klipp
Paul grew up on the adjacent farm west of this property. The previous owners were like second parents to Paul. Paul helped farm this property in the 1980s.

7   VENDOR: St Peter’s Lutheran Church: The Shepherd’s Café & Market

325 Mill St, Loganville

8   ATTRACTION: Loganville Historical Museum

145 Main St, Loganville

9   (OFFSHOOT) VENDOR: Tobey’s Sand Hill Fiber Farm and New Haven Naturals

E5349A Sand Hill Rd, Reedsburg

10   FARM FORM/ATTRACTION: Gallery of Stitches II

Created by: Vicky Baumgarten & Ruth Roecker
Landowners: Dean & Vicky Baumgarten

11   ART WORK: The Gambrel Farm

Created by: Michael Kautzer, Milwaukee, WI
Landowner: Gerald Radke
Radke’s farm has been in the family 150 years. He and his wife operated a dairy until her passing 15 years ago. Jerry drove for Reedsburg School District for 44 years, served on Lake Redstone POA Board, and is a frequent blood donor.

12   FIELD NOTES: Beans

Landowner: Schulte Farm

13   VENDOR: Neumann’s Bar & Grill

S6082 State Rd 154, Hill Point (Closes at 2 pm daily)

14   (OFFSHOOT) VENDOR: Branding Iron Roadhouse

132 S Main St, Lime Ridge (Opens at noon daily)

15   VENDOR: Miller’s Leather Shop

S6405 Hwy 154, Hillpoint (Closed Sundays)

16   ART WORK: Love Your Honey

Created by: Brian Sobaski, Minneapolis, MN
Landowner: McCluskey Brothers-Shillelagh Glen Farm

POINT OF INTEREST: Our Lady of the Fields Chapel

17   FIELD NOTES: Apples

18   VENDOR: McCluskey Brothers Farm Store

Shillelagh Glen Farms: S7544 Hwy G, Hillpoint

FARM FORM: ‘Til the Cows Come Home

Created by: McCluskey Brothers
Landowner: McCluskey Brothers-Shillelagh Glen Farms 100% grass-fed, organic family farm producing cheese, maple syrup and beef. Kevin, Brian, Patrick & Mary Ellen are fourth generation on the farm.

19   FOOD CHAIN I: A Marketplace of Food, Art, and Ideas

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
Anchored by Roadside Culture Stands (artist-built mobile farm stands), food trucks and church ladies offer fresh local edibles for now and later. Wireless hot spot provided by Buggtussel Wireless.
Landowner: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
The first mass was celebrated here Oct 28, 1888, with local area Irish families. The current church continues to serve our rural faith community.

POINT OF INTEREST: White Mound County Park

20   FIELD NOTES: Ethics

Landowner: White Mound County Park


22   ART WORK: Verge

Created by: Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg, Lia Rousset, Chicago, IL
Landowner: Eileen Schutz
Eileen’s late husband, Ken, grew up on this 175 acre farm. Together, they bought the farm in 1968 and raised six children while running dairy and beef operations. Eileen now rents her fields to neighbors.

23   FARM FORM: Child’s Play

Created by: Larry & Tina Wilkinson
Landowner: Larry & Tina Wilkinson
Larry milks 50 organic Jersey cows, Tina milks 80 Holsteins, and boy, do their border collies get a workout! Stop by and visit Larry & Tina—they will be happy to tell you all about dairy farming.

24   ART WORK: Mystery Spot

Landowner: The Nature Conservancy

25   FOOD CHAIN II: A Marketplace of Food, Art, and Ideas

Lawrence & Wanda Klingenmeyer Memorial Park
Anchored by Roadside Culture Stands (artist-built mobile farm stands), food trucks and others offer fresh local edibles for now and later, with special appearance by Kohler Art Center’s Culinary Art Car.
Landowner: LaDell Shimniok
The grandparents of LaDell’s late husband, Raymond, farmed on what became the Baraboo Ammunitions Plant. Evicted in the 1940s, they resettled nearby; Raymond and his brother purchased this property, where LaDell and her son, Mark, raise hay, corn, and beans.

26   ART WORK: Fields of our Fathers

Created by: Faheem Majeed, Chicago, IL
Landowner: Dick and Jane Dana

27   FIELD NOTES: Silo

Landowner: Carl and Louise Faivre

28   FIELD NOTES: Corn

Landowner: Kevin and Liz Pikar

29   (OFFSHOOT) ATTRACTION: Mid-Continent Railway Museum

E8948 Museum Rd, North Freedom

30   VENDOR: North Freedom Farmers’ Market

100 E Walnut St, North Freedom

31   VENDOR: North Freedom Market LLC

32   VENDOR: Basketry

Walnut St, in downtown North Freedom

33   VENDOR: North Freedom United Methodist Church

301 E Walnut St, North Freedom (Closed Tue & Wed)

34   ART WORK: The Milky Way Residential Complex

Created by: Suzanne Husky, San Francisco, CA
Landowner: Mark & Elaine Shimniok
Mark and Elaine raise cows, pigs, and crops on their 200 acre diversified farm where Mark’s great grandparents settled in the 1940s after their eviction from what became the Baraboo Army Ammunitions Plant.

35   (OFFSHOOT) VENDOR: The Byers Studio

300 Pine St, Rock Springs

36   FARM FORM: Red Piano

Created by: Reedsburg ArtsLink
Landowner: Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
This State Natural Area is a small-scale model for interpreting the geological history of the entire Baraboo Range. Here, the Baraboo River cut through Baraboo quartzite, Cambrian sandstone, and conglomerate, revealing a cross-section of the range.

37   FARM FORM: Chopperpillar

Created by: Vierbicher & Associates and Brian Bender
Landowner: Brian Bender
Bender’s operation currently milks 130 cows, but is home to 400 Brown Swiss, Black & White and Red & White Holsteins, Jerseys, and Dairy Dutch Belts. Brian’s favorite tractor is the International Harvester.


Landowner: Brian Bender (see above)

38   FARM FORM: How Corn was Grown

Created by: Good Ol’ Boys & Their Good Ol’ Toys
Landowner: Doug Knuth
Doug owns five acres of land adjacent to the Reedsburg Industrial Park, home to his private residence and a dedicated wetland area where neighbors pasture cattle.

39   VENDOR: BC Arts Gallery

310 Railroad St, Reedsburg

40   VENDOR: Reedsburg ArtsLink

Harvest Park: 265 Railroad St, Reedsburg

41   ATTRACTION: Fermē Lab

42   ART WORK: To Re-Wild

Created by: Austen Weymueller, Alvin, Texas