Emily Stover & Molly Balcom Raleigh

ArtWork Title: Dumpling House
Location: No. 20 on the Farm/Art DTour.

Dumpling House

Dumpling House is a collaboration between St Paul artists Emily Stover (http://emily-stover.tumblr.com) and Molly Balcom Raleigh (www.mollybalcomraleigh.com). During the ten days of Fermentation Fest, Dumpling House will hold a simple kitchen in which participants will be able to make and eat steamed dumplings from a variety of culinary traditions using locally-sourced ingredients.  Just as you learn how to make dumplings from someone next to you, so you teach the next person who sits down, creating a unique community of practice through rolling waves of teaching and learning, while leaving your own mark on the master recipe.

Find out more about the Dumpling House and track its progress here or like Dumpling House on Facebook.

Landowners: Jerry and Jeanette Jessop

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