Michael Kautzer

Artwork Title: Gambrel Farm
Location: No. 11 on the Farm/Art DTour.


Michael Kautzer, The Gambrel Farm, Fermentation Fest 2016


Kautzer_hsMichael Kautzer (Milwaukee, WI) addresses location, story, and interpretation in his work. With a background in architecture, he uses a variety of materials and techniques including woodworking, painting, graphic design, and performance to explore how buildings interact with their continually changing surroundings and both define and transform history.




The Gambrel Farm (Map Stop No. 11) offers a unique encounter with an icon of rural architecture found across the Wisconsin landscape. Consisting of a herd of miniature gambrel-roofed barns placed within a farm field, the installation imagines the buildings as ruminants feeding off the land.


Artwork Sponsors: Randy & Suzanne Alexander