Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg, Lia Rousset

Artwork Title: Verge
Location: No. 23 on the Farm/Art DTour.


Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg, Lia Rousset, Verge, Fermentation Fest, 2016


SAL_hsSara Black, Amber Ginsburg and Lia Rousset (Chicago, IL) work collaboratively on projects examining the history of a site, often beginning by choosing a natural material pointing to complex environmental systems. With backgrounds in sculpture, farming, woodworking, and ceramics, they use the language of craft to prompt discussions on the future of our habitat and practices.



Verge (Map Stop No. 22) features charcoalized benches that highlight the transition zone between two adjacent ecological communities; where field meets forest. Aldo Leopold benches reflect the human position in this larger ecotone; rendered functionless, they become a resting point for nonhumans. The fragile “biochar” material hosts microorganisms that promote soil biodiversity and long-term carbon storage.


Artwork Sponsors: Pat Alea & Bruce Colick and GE