Suzanne Husky & Stephanie Sagot

Artwork Title: The Milky Way Residential Complex
Location: No. 35 on the Farm/Art DTour.


Suzanne Husky, The Milky Way Residential Complex, Fermentaiton Fest 2016


Husky_hsSuzanne Husky (San Francisco, CA) is a French-American artist who questions how humans engage with nature, from prehistory to present day. Using sculpture, installation, photography and film, she looks at our relations with plants, animals, and the earth and how we interact together in poetic and political ways.

This project is a collaboration between Suzanne Husky and Stephanie Sagot in which they call ‘Le nouveau ministere de l’agriculture’.


The Milky Way Residential Complex (Map Stop No. 34) is drawn on contemporary researchers’ beliefs that dung beetles could significantly reduce methane emissions by burrowing, spreading, and burying cow dung. Here, a “housing complex” has been developed for the beetles, who are known to navigate the world by looking at the Milky Way. The complex replicates the celestial shape with their favorite meal.

Read more about the project here

Artwork Sponsors: Sarah Lloyd & Nels Nelson