DIY Farm Trashion Show

Location: No. TBA on the Farm/Art DTour.
Date and time: Oct, 2, 12 - 2pm

Trashion = Trash + Fashion.

The DIY Farm Trashion Show is a celebration of the nitty gritty of farm life, strung together with a DIY homegrown edge. The texture of farming is often rougher than the romanticized notion of getting back to the land. Black plastic, rotting vegetables, rain soaked mud encrusted row cover, and weather worn twine form part of the grotesque beauty of a farm. We want to honor and elevate the lesser praised grime and that is the backbone of our own agricultural stories.

Come mingle with farmer/gardener/designer/models!

Try on some trashion creations and stop the runway!

Pose for pictures!

There will also be plenty of materials for you to craft your own trashion designs, and take part in some community trashion decorating.