Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets

Location: No. 4 on the Farm/Art DTour.
Date and time: Oct. 8, 2-4pm


September 2013, Beth Kille and Shawndell Marks, two successful solo artists, had the opportunity to share the stage with a “new girl” in town -Jennifer Farley at a showcase for female singers in Madison, WI. There was instant chemistry. Beth and Shawni were in a co-writing session one day when Beth confided in Shawni, “I have a little fantasy… that you and Jen and I will start a trio and conquer the world!” Shawni was in. All it took was a quick email to Jen, to which she reply “Oh, I am so in…”

The trio began compiling songs, both originals and covers to perform. They booked some shows, receiving rave reviews and standing ovations. The tight 3-part harmonies, the honesty in the music, the strong-yet-simple presentation of acoustic guitar/piano/percussion and vocals, and the clear loving bond these three women shared through music (and life) captivated their listeners.

They have released an EP and were the recipients of a 2015 Madison Area Music Award for Best Vocal Ensemble of the Year.