Krista Beier – Harvest Spice Mandala

Location: No. 41 on the Farm/Art DTour.
Date and time: Oct, 2, 10am - 4pm



We invite you to come and see Krista create her magic in central Reedsburg, as she transforms the ground using spices, plants and other natural elements. Exploring impermanence, change, community interactions

Krista Beier is a multi-disciplinary artist from Minneapolis, MN.  Her project is an examination of impermanence, change and community interaction, using all natural materials from and of the earth.  She’s interested in self-exploration through altering space.  She believes our connection to the earth and the land is crucial to our well being and happiness.  Her mandala incorporates traditional East Indian patterns and designs, and is intentionally crafted to be impermanent.

Krista will be creating her ‘Harvest Spice Mandala’ outside the Fermé Lab, 300 Vine Street, Reedsburg. The Mandala will stay in situ throughout the Fest and we will see how the natural elements impact the artwork.