Saehee Chang

Location: No. 4 on the Farm/Art DTour.
Date and time: Oct. 8, 12:30 - 13:30pm


Saehee Chang is a Korean Traditional Drummer and co-founder of the Korean drum group, GARAM Milwaukee. She learned to play Korean Traditional Drums (Poong Mul) in the early 1990s at a traditional community arts center in Seoul, Korea. Saehee teaches drumming to children, and is passionate about exposing students to Korean drumming and culture. Through the drumming residencies with Arts at Large and other programs, she is honored to engage with a diverse community through compassion, cultural exchange and education.

Saehee Chang will perform two short pieces on the Jang-Gu, a traditional hourglass shaped drum at the Fermentation Festival.  The rhythms will incorporate slow and fast traditional Korean drumming rhythms and highlight Korean folk music.

Korean Traditional Drumming is a unique form of folk music played by people of all ages in Korea.  Historically, Korean Traditional Drumming, also known as “Farmer’s Music” was incorporated into farming and village life in Korea.  Because people worked the land and were connected to nature in their agrarian lifestyle, Korean drumming became a natural part of their musical culture.