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Fermented Beverages: Kombucha, Kvass, Ginger Ale and More (2016)

October 1, 2016, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm




Fermented beverages are a great way to incorporate live foods into your diet. Enjoy a demonstration on how to make a variety of fermented beverages, including kombucha, kvass, kefir, and fermented sodas. Fermented beverages have long been part of the human diet – to refresh and quench  thirst. While beer and wine have traditionally been the most popular fermented drink, non-alcoholic, fermented beverages are making a comeback. In this workshop, Laura will demonstrate how to make kombucha, jun, kvass, kefir, and naturally carbonated sodas like ginger ale and root beer. Great for fermenters of all skill levels, the health benefits will be covered, as well as troubleshooting and frequently asked questions.

Laura Poe is a holistic dietitian in Viroqua, Wisconsin, where she and her clients focus on whole, traditional food diets for healing. She is also the owner of TerraForm Botanicals, creating hand-crafted herbal remedies in small batches, for everything from digestion to stress. Laura has been teaching fermentation and traditional foods cooking for the past several years and is passionate about spreading the knowledge and skills to make healing foods, and making them accessible to everyone.