Farm Forms



Each year farmers, landowners, local businesses and community organizations along the DTour route create Farm Forms, our name for their creative contributions that can range from straw bale sculpture to tractor collections.


Meet this year’s farm formers:


Gallery of Stitches II (Map Stop No.10)

Created by: Vicky Baumgarten & Ruth Roecker
Take a self-guided tour through a field displaying colorful barn quilts and appreciate the varied patterns, styles, and sizes. Meet the quilt artists and learn about their inspiration. Items for sale.;
Landowners: Dean & Vicky Baumgarten


‘Til the Cows Come Home (Map Stop No. 18)

Created by: McCluskey Brothers
Despite sharing the same 24-hour clock, the hours in a day hold different meaning for everyone. Using natural products, this piece illustrates “farm time” — what time means on a farm—for both the farmer and “the girls” (cows).
Landowner: McCluskey Brothers-Shillelagh Glen Farms 100% grass-fed, organic family farm producing cheese, maple syrup and beef. Kevin, Brian, Patrick & Mary Ellen are fourth generation on the farm.


Child’s Play  (Map Stop No. 23)

Created by: Larry & Tina Wilkinson
Marvel at large-format fun created with everyday farm materials! Croquet, Box Kite, Pinwheel, Dominos, and Ants-In-The-Pants sculptures created with hay bales, calf panel fences, and chicken wire. Come play Bugs & Bees Tic-Tac-Toe, and meet the farm calves and dogs.
Landowner: Larry & Tina Wilkinson
Larry milks 50 organic Jersey cows, Tina milks 80 Holsteins, and boy, do their border collies get a workout! Stop by and visit Larry & Tina—they will be happy to tell you all about dairy farming.


Red Piano (Map Stop No. 36)

Created by: Reedsburg ArtsLink
A humble turn-of-the-20th century upright piano gets a brilliant facelift and, with YOU at the keys, an encore performance in the magnificent natural amphitheater within Ableman’s Gorge. Hike is approximately 50 yards. Sponsored by Able Trek Tours.
Landowner: Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
This State Natural Area is a small-scale model for interpreting the geological history of the entire Baraboo Range. Here, the Baraboo River cut through Baraboo quartzite, Cambrian sandstone, and conglomerate, revealing a cross-section of the range.


Chopperpillar (Map Stop No. 37)

Created by: Vierbicher & Associates and Brian Bender
Repurposed chopper boxes join together to create something else. Like the multi-legged insect it references, this repurposed machinery has undergone a transformation.
Landowner: Brian Bender
Bender’s operation currently milks 130 cows, but is home to 400 Brown Swiss, Black & White and Red & White Holsteins, Jerseys, and Dairy Dutch Belts. Brian’s favorite tractor is the International Harvester.


How Corn was Grown (Map Stop No. 38)

Created by: Good Ol’ Boys & Their Good Ol’ Toys
Witness an era! Exhibiting machinery from the 1950s including plows, a corn planter and corn picker with tractors attached, and vintage tractors. Free souvenir ears of corn and corn candy for the youngsters.
Landowner: Doug Knuth
Doug owns five acres of land adjacent to the Reedsburg Industrial Park, home to his private residence and a dedicated wetland area where neighbors pasture cattle.