Got your Passport?

Travelers know that Passport in hand means adventures ahead. And that being in “live culture convergence” means both giving and gleaning.

The fifty plus mile Farm/Art DTour is an agricultural excursion that is free of charge thanks to broad based support from foundations, state agencies, sponsors, local businesses, and hundreds of individuals like you. Purchasing a Fermentation Fest Passport is the perfect way to support to Fest and to ensure that the art and culture remains free for everyone.

The Fermentation Fest Passport is a ticket to an enhanced experience,  beginning with the pride you’ll take placing the “I supported Fermentation Fest” cling sticker on your windshield. The Passport is a packet of surprises and special treats to enjoy during and after your time at the Fest, and includes the Farm/Art DTour map for reference throughout your visit.

We suggest one Passport per car.

Click here to purchase yours