About Reedsburg

Downtown Reedsburg

Centrally located between the Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo areas, Reedsburg offers endless opportunities for scenic beauty, a welcoming embrace by small town life, and, of course, is home to the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest. The Baraboo Bluffs provide a beautiful backdrop to the historic downtown shopping district, especially in the breathtaking displays of fall colors.

Leave time to enjoy its natural setting. Relax awhile at one of the many area lakes and ponds, great for fishing, boating, and exploring nature. Have an adventure and take a canoe down the nation’s longest free-flowing river, the Baraboo River, which winds right through downtown Reedsburg.

Reedsburg is the head for the 400 State Trail, a nicely groomed public trail featuring 22 miles of endless scenery to walk, bike, or ride horseback. The 400 Trail connects to a system of trails that stretches across the state of Wisconsin. Or experience abundant wildlife while hiking on various trails, such as those in the Roger Popple Nature Area and the Hartje Center.

But don’t forget to re-set your watch this fall. Lying directly on the 90th meridian, Reedsburg is the only city in the state where the sun and the clock both have the correct time. When the sun is directly at a 90-degrees angle from Reedsburg, the time is exactly 12 noon.

Website: www.reedsburg.org