Calling All Performers!



Fermentation Fest 2016 is looking for performers – very broadly defined– dancers, musicians, actors, farmers, acrobats, contortionists and anyone in between – to enliven the Farm/Art DTour, a 50-mile, self-guided drive through the scenic farmland of Sauk County, Wisconsin.

We are assembling a series of short performances (we call them ‘Pasture Performances’) that use the unglaciated hills and valleys as both backdrop and stage. Performances may also address key themes of the Fest, such as abundance and transformation, the timeless connection between land and people, and, of course, A Live Culture Convergence!

The DTour has one dedicated stage (a hayfield), but interventions can appear at any point along the route. Pasture Performances are a great opportunity to test out ideas, perform an excerpt from a longer piece, or provoke spectator interaction.

These short performances – up to 20 minutes in length, are designed to move people along the DTour and could potentially be repeated, either in the same or different locations. They will take place during the weekends of the Fest, October 1 & 2 and 8 & 9, between 10 am and 4 pm.

Interested performers should submit a written proposal (500 words max) with up to four images and relevant website links. The proposal should include:

  • a brief description of the performance
  • the type of setting(s) preferred (i.e. open hay field, woods, pasture with cows etc..)
  • the people and equipment involved
  • your preferred date(s)
  • an itemized list of expenses


Please note we have a very limited budget for these short performances and can pay performers, including their expenses, no more than $250. Consideration should also be given to the limitations and challenges of performing in a rural setting, where facilities are limited and weather is unpredictable.

Proposals should be submitted to no later than August 22, 2016, at 9 am.