Austen Weymueller

Artwork Title: To Re-Wild
Location: No. 6 on the Farm/Art DTour.


Austen Weymueller, To-Re-Wild, 2016


Weymuller_hsAusten Weymueller is a Texas-based maker whose work ranges from painting and drawing to large-scale sculptural installations. After graduating from Reed College in 2015, she was an artist-in-residence at the Wormfarm Institute. Recently, her art has been concerned with cowboys and their complicated relationship with wild spaces



To Re-Wild (Map Stop No. 42) is inspired by years working in her grandmother’s Texas hardware store, Weymuller employs everyday building materials like fencing and concrete to construct five towering cowboy figures that are large enough to cross the barriers that such materials are used to impose. Made possible by Reedsburg ArtsLink.