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Corn Traditions of Mexico

October 7, 2017, 11:15 am - 12:45 pm



Corn is at the heart of Mesoamerican food traditions. Though it has enlivened bellies and palates worldwide, the ancient preparations from its birthplace, present-day Mexico, are often overlooked in modern day cooking. Join this class for an in-depth look at nixtamalization–a unique process that increases nutritional value, alkalizes, and is the foundation for making tortillas, tamales, hominy, and much more. This class will also host a discussion of the past and present of fermented nixtamal: from tejuino, the ancient Nahua people’s drink of the gods, to modern-day tempeh and miso experimentation.

Tara’s debut book ‘Fermentation on Wheels’  will be available for sale and signing after the event.





Tara Whitsitt is a featured fermenter for Fermentation Fest 2017. She is a nomadic artist, educator, and food activist. Her passion for growing food, living communally, and teaching fermentation inspired educational project Fermentation on Wheels in fall 2013. She’s traveled the country with Fermentation on Wheels since, teaching by-donation fermentation classes and hosting potlucks that focus on accessibility, creativity, and bringing people together.

“The Johnny Appleseed of Pickling.” –  New York Times

“Tara Whitsitt is a fellow fermentation revivalist doing tremendous work raising awareness about fermented foods and beverages. Fermentation on Wheels is a mobile fermentation recruitment station, inviting folks to become more aware of how our food is produced and the invisible life forces that facilitate some of our greatest delicacies.” –  Sandor Katz, author of WILD FERMENTATION and THE ART OF FERMENTATION,

Key information:

Class Location: Warehouse Row, 146 Railroad St, Reedsburg, 53959
This is demonstration class and is not hands-on.
Check-in begins 10 minutes before the start of the class.